Our Roots


We started in 2007, as we sat back and amused ourselves at the funny shirts we could make… one thing lead to another and our ideas quickly became reality. We bought a screen printing press to make some shirts for friends, next came BDC Swag, and the rest is history… After 4 years and lots of long nights printing in a packed garage, Big Dipper Clothing opened a store front in Jan. 2011. We love our shop and are continuously expanding. We pride ourselves in QUALITY! We don’t just get the job done, we create excellence every time. Creating a brand for your company can be a stressful problem for some clients and that’s why we complement our excellence with STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE 110% of the time! Our substantial growth is a testament to our abilities. We print your garments as you intend, need, and want them to be and value our long term relationships and trust that we have built with our clients.





Amber is more a behind the scenes sort of person but pretty much the brains in the operation… and also the person writing the bios :-) She is extremely active and loves anything outdoors, especially when it involves sun and a sandy beach! Amber does all the accounting and HR/Managerial boring stuff but it works for her. She loves to drive with the top down; play basketball in the rain; is the goofiest mom ever but her kids love it; she is the pretty much the champ at xbox madden (her husbands friends won’t let her play anymore); and she deathly scared of small rodents.



Nick keeps the work flow going each day. He bounces back and forth between the printing, vinyl imprinting, art work, talking with customers, printing stickers. He is the leatherman of BDC. When I say bouncing… he literally he cannot sit still. Nick is from Unalaska and his passion is creating the BDC Swag. He loves to play sports and be active outside with his kids; hates the treadmill; his favorite show is wipeout; he can somehow play xbox until 3am and still get up and be to work on time; he is a certified scuba diver; and used to be an unexploded ordnance technician.